The Interdisciplinary Work of Lyss Warmland.

go for a walk- Sometimes getting up and moving helps the time pass faster and elevates your mood. Go for a walk around the block or walk to a place that makes you feel calm, such as a river, the lake, or forest trails
ground yourself- Make a list of what you can see, hear, taste, smell, and physically feel around you in the moment or describe something in your space (in great detail) to a friend that they may not have seen before. Being mindful of what is physically around you can de-escalate the intensity of your emotions to wait for them to pass. Create changes to what you’re sensing if you want: light some incense, take a bath, light a candle, listen to music. 
breathe- Focus on breathing in for 3 seconds and out for 5 seconds. This will encourage your parasympathetic system to kick in quicker and will give your something slow and rhythmic to follow to pass the time and take the place or racing or intrusive thoughts.
hydrate and top up your blood sugar- Drink a glass of water and have a snack. Better yet, make yourself a full, tasty meal. Your body deserves to be taken care of, and if your body is not being taken care of, your brain isn’t functioning at it’s full potential.
set a timer- Set a timer on your phone or stove for 5 minutes and sit in a chair. Count down with the timer for that five minutes. If the feelings still haven’t passed after 5 minutes, set the timer for another minutes. And then another. Keep counting, sitting, and breathing until the feeling passes. It will always pass eventually. 
reach out- Talk to a trusted friend, partner, or relative about your feelings and spend time around other people. It’s very common for people to isolate themselves when they’re feeling depressed, but you deserve support- even if you don’t feel like you do in the moment. There are a lot of people who would care if you weren’t around. Reach out to one of them. If you experience self-harm impulses and/or suicidal ideation often, make a list of people you feel supported by and keep it somewhere consistent, like your wallet or on your fridge. If you don’t feel as though you have people who are supportive around you, call a local crisis line. There are trained counsellors available 24/7 to guide you through navigating these feelings. 
distract yourself- Do literally anything to distract yourself from the negative feelings. Create some sort of art, colour in a colouring book, make a collage, go to the gym, free-write, do yoga or stretch, learn a song on an instrument, research recipes, clean, reorganize your cupboards, walk your dog, brush your cat, paint your nails, learn something new, watch a trashy t.v. show, read a book, call a friend.

engage with the vibes- Write down your negative feelings and burn the piece of paper, do a tarot reading, pray, sing, do whatever makes you feel loved and in touch with your spiritual side, if this is a thing you’re into. 



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  1. July 10, 2017

    Awesome tips. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.


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