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Check out my interview with my brother, Eric England!

(cropped) photo by Jeannette Breward.

We talk about:

  • his diverse career so far
  • different ways of grieving
  • managing anxiety, insomnia, and nocturnal panic attacks
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • hockey culture
  • the benefits of making music
  • and more!!


Featured Tunes:

Freewill by Rush
Adia by Sarah McLaughlin
Good News by Mac Miller
Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

Maybe care looks like
Goats with red hair
Who always show up
In those dreams that come
First thing in the morning
Last thing before I wake
This year
I’ve thought a lot about
What it means to care
If it means doing
What feels good
Or if it means doing what
I think
I feel
I’m meant to do or
If it means warm blankets
And warmer liquids
And maybe care looks like
Something only I know
First thing in the morning.

there have been
so many nights
where I have sat
watching the sun rise
through swollen eyes
irritated by
the makeup I didn’t take off
the night before
when I fell asleep
feeling sore and
unable to write anything
or try to gain confidence
in something I used to be
good at
where I have finally
been able to
sit beside myself
and wait
minute by minute
I count down
by the clock app
on my cell phone
the friend I most
want to let go
disconnect to connect
even if it turns out
that the only connection
I can trust
is me
sitting beside myself
resenting the sunlight.